Red Mountain Composting

Our Methodology

Rather than organic material being added to an already polluted landfill mix, we can repurpose it.

At the RMC Repurposing Facility, we will divert from inert waste from landfills, and manufacture

Organic Compost

Preparation of the compost is the key to success, and our metrics ensure consistency of temperature and favorable olfactory experience

Sand/Construction Sand

Pulverized glass can have multiple outlets, but replacing oil based construction materials, with natural elements — is better for the rainwater that eventually reaches citizens.

Shredded Tires

Removing used tires from landfills and repurposing them, keeps this oil based product from being introduced to rainwater. And has the ability to keep new oil based products from going into production.making sure it
stays healthy for future generations.

Red Mountain Compost

is perfect for people from all walks of life – from farmers and hobbyist gardeners to individuals taking their first step towards going green. We hope to take this journey with you; making every year greener than the previous one and making sure it stays healthy for future generations.