Earth’s Porch is focused on changing the way we perceive urban areas. This initiative sprouted from the idea that human beings need to be reconnected to the source of their food.

With Earth’s Porch, fresh produce is grown on vacant lots in areas experiencing lack of grocery stores, and which are consequently plagued by the obesity epidemic.

The Goal

“Earth’s Porch” benefits food insecure communities within the greater Birmingham, AL area, specifically the community within walking distance from any Earth’s Porch site. Birmingham proper has 99 defined neighborhoods, each one will have an Earth’s Porch site. There are health, food security, economic, and employment implications.

Fresh Produce Within Reach

Modern cities are conventionally thought of and made up of asphalt and glass interspersed with public parks, lawns and various shrubs squatting by main thoroughfares. While there are areas that are indeed green, there are minimal agriculture hubs, and when combined with poor mobility of low-income residents, a food desert appears. Poor diets due to a lack of affordable, healthy food options, and are associated with many health problems that can have lasting effects on urban communities.

Current Locations

We are currently expanding the Research and Development location, finding the best crops and community connection to further invest in. Located in SW Birmingham, we are currently growing Arugula, Kale, Romaine, and Okra. This property is a multi-faceted location that requires routine maintenance. Volunteers are always welcome to reach out and engage.

If you would like to see an Earth’s Porch location thriving on a vacant lot in your neighborhood, please leave us a note.

Photos coming soon…

Thank you to our wonderful Sponsors and Donors!

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